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Drone Shot of The Fortress of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Credit: Destination Cape Breton

Credit: Destination Cape Breton Association


The charming town of Louisbourg has a range of activities to suit all interests. Delve into history by exploring the impressive Fortress of Louisbourg or soak up the stunning natural beauty on the Louisbourg Lighthouse Trail. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque coastline of Louisbourg Harbour. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply in need of a relaxing getaway, Louisbourg will always have something to offer you during your stay at Louisbourg Harbour Inn or Louisbourg Heritage House.

Fortress of Louisbourg Cape Breton Nova Scotia. Credit: Destination Cape Breton

Fortress of Louisbourg

If you come to Louisbourg for heritage tourism and the rich cultural history, the Fortress of Louisbourg is a hard-to-miss location. Fortress of Louisbourg is a reconstructed townsite and a lively community open in the summer for all visitors who want to immerse themselves in 18th-century life when France and Britain fought for control of North America. All guides and re-enactors in this historical site wear traditional costumes and will guide you to explore the Fortress to the fullest.

To learn more about admission fees, events and hours of operation, visit their website.

Credit: Destination Cape Breton Association

Picnic layout with donuts, croissants, coffee on a blue and white striped tarp. Source: Unsplash

Picnic at the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site

Exploring the Fortress of Louisbourg is an adventure on its own, but let’s add to the fun by having a lovely picnic with your loved ones at one of the many stunning picnic spots on the site. And the best part is, you don't even have to worry about preparing the food or bringing the tools for the picnic! Simply reach out to the Fortress Louisbourg Association via phone or email, and they'll take care of everything, ensuring a flawless and memorable picnic experience. 

Visit their website to browse through their selection of picnic spots, sample menus, and contact information. Get ready for a delightful and stress-free picnic date! 

S&L Railway Museum, shot from the right angle of the entrance. Credit: Destination Cape Breton

Sydney & Louisbourg (S&L) Railways

S&L Museum relives the history of the Sydney - Louisbourg Railway Station from 1895. The museum is a grouping of buildings and train cars reserved with many marine artifacts, models and photographs of the railway technology using for coal transportation. Visitors will see the important role of Louisbourg as a major coal-shipping terminal both locally and overseas from the 18th through the mid-19th century.


The entrance fee is by donation. For more information on the operation hour of the S&L Railway Museum, visit their website.

Credit: Destination Cape Breton Association

Lobster wharves with boats in the early morning on Louisbourg Harbour

Louisbourg Harbour

Staying at the Louisbourg Harbour Inn offers the convenience of waking up to the serene surroundings of the harbour, just a few steps away. Louisbourg Harbour is outstanding by its individual wharves. As you stroll along the docks, you can engage with the amiable fishermen and learn about their daily catch of the day.


It is a busy working harbour every morning; however, you will somehow feel the peaceful vibe from the colourful boats, pristine water and the green carpet of forest from afar. Book a room at one of our inns to enjoy this experience.

Old Town walking trail, view to Louisbourg Lighthouse from afar

Louisbourg Hiking Trails

Louisbourg offers three hiking trails for our active visitors who want to slip in some steps during their vacation: 
•    Old Town Trail is a coastal trail ideal for a family walk. You may see deer along the trail in the early morning. Nighttime at the trail is excellent for stargazing. 
•    Simon’s Point Trailhead is ideal for a short walk, a quiet and peaceful escape with fantastic forest and boardwalks along the trail. 
•    Lighthouse Trail is a beautiful coastal trail with a perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Louisbourg Lighthouse, be mindful of big waves along the coastline. *Note: currently closed due to the severe damage of Hurricane Fiona*

Feeling exhausted after an exciting day of trailblazing in Louisbourg? Reserve a cozy room at our inns for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!


People swimming in Kennington Cove Beach and enjoying the sun, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Kennington Cove & Anson’s Cove Beaches

Summer without going to the beach is an uncompleted summer. Kennington Cove and Anson’s Cove are popular spots to enjoy the sea and sand, great for family bonding activities. You can enjoy swimming in the refreshing water and walking along the coastline. Visitors may even get to meet playful seals frolicking in the waves. These public beaches are both unsupervised but offer rustic services such as outhouses and picnic tables.


We have had guests staying at our Inn for 4-5 days, enjoying most of their moments at “the Cove”. This could be you. Secure your room today and start planning your hot summer at the coolest beaches ever!

Aerial view of a white and red lighthouse on the edge of the ocean.

Louisbourg Lighthouse

Constructed in 1923, the Louisbourg Lighthouse stands on the site of Canada's first-ever lighthouse, which was operated in 1734. As you step foot on the location, you'll sense a historical ambiance emanating from the lighthouse, which has served as a guiding point for boats and ships entering Louisbourg Harbour since the 1600s. The lighthouse adds to the charm of the picturesque view from the harbourside rooms of both the Louisbourg Harbour Inn and the Louisbourg Heritage House. 

During your stay at our inns, we highly recommend that you visit the Louisbourg Lighthouse. You will appreciate the stunning view of the Harbour and the sound of powerful waves crashing onto the shore or greet the fishing boats returning to the wharves after a hard working day.

Credit: Destination Cape Breton Association

People attending a performance at Louisbourg Playhouse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Louisbourg Playhouse

A unique, vintage venue represented the Cape Breton musical experience from the 17th century. Featuring a range of artists from amateurs to professionals, the Louisbourg Playhouse always delivers top-notch live acoustic performances in a warm and welcoming atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in the sound of Cape Breton.

For more updates on the Louisbourg Playhouse’s shows and schedules, visit their Facebook page

Carrots and leeks in a farmer market. Source: Unsplash

Louisbourg Market

Louisbourg Market isn't just an ordinary farmer's market showcasing a plethora of incredible locally-made products; it's also a welcoming social hub where Louisbourg locals come together to connect and socialize every first Sunday of the month.


If you're staying at Louisbourg Harbour Inn or Louisbourg Heritage House during these times, be sure to stop by the Louisbourg Market. For additional details, check out their Facebook page.

Scrumptious pan seared haddock, scallops and shrimps on rice and seasonal vegetables  from the Foggy Hermit Cafe.

Foggy Hermit Cafe

Get ready for a foodie adventure at the Foggy Hermit Café! This amazing eatery is situated on Main Street and is only a quick three-minute walk from the Louisbourg Harbour Inn and Louisbourg Heritage House. You're in for a treat as you indulge in the local-favourite seafood dishes made from the freshest catch of seafood straight from the Louisbourg Harbour. And that's not all - the service is absolutely spectacular, and on weekends, you can even groove to live band music entertainment while you dine.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable dining experience for your next stay at Louisbourg! Check out the Facebook page for more updates.

Don't miss out on a delightful getaway at Louisbourg!

Our accommodations are more than just a bed and breakfast. We provide a unique historical experience, extensive knowledge of the local area, captivating fishing tales, and warm hospitality to all our visitors. Let's create an unforgettable vacation to experience the breathtaking attractions that Louisbourg offers. Reserve a room at Louisbourg Harbour Inn and Louisbourg Heritage House today!

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